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Welcome to the website of
Patrimonium Transcriptum Verlags GmbH

Patrimonium Transcriptum Verlags GmbH would like to introduce itself:
Patrimonium Transcriptum means: preserving cultural inheritance, translating it for the present and maintaining it for the future.

It all started with an idea:
The publishing company's aim is to ensure the permanent preservation and usability of certificates, documents, books and newspapers, hand-written documents of all kinds, sketches and photographs by means of digitisation. Publishing on up-to-date media allows the wider public to access valuable cultural documents simply and easily. This protects irreplaceable originals against wear and tear. The publishing company is dedicated to the publication on CD of digitised archive materials that are met with great interest by scientists, spare-time researchers, collectors and also an interested lay public.

Products for Academia and Lounge:
From the content point of view, the CDs offer high-quality, user-friendly, digitally reproduced images of archive material in the best PDF quality alongside an academic description of the contents. For the prospective expert user, the CD is a medium that makes his research work considerably easier. He is often saved a time-consuming journey to the library or archive where the original he is searching for is stored. This means no more waiting at the issues desk or in the reading room. Beyond a purely research interest, the CD can also be used as a digital souvenir, i.e. as a lasting reproduction of the originals viewed on site that can be dipped into at any time thus allowing one to continue one’s visits to archives or special exhibitions in the comfort of one’s own study.

Cooperation on a Partnership Basis:
The editions are always created in cooperation with the archive or library whose inventory is digitised. They are a joint effort between the institution responsible for editing and the company responsible for publishing. The institutions responsible for editing receive voucher copies and in this way are able to ensure that interested users can inspect the contents of the archived material quickly using reading devices. The archived property can thus remain in its storage location and is protected.

A Service for Companies, Societies and People with Private Interests:
PTV is able to provide a service for the reproduction/digitisation of old photographs, books, family trees, hand-written documents and other documents worthy of preservation from private estates and collections, archives of societies and foundations or company documentation. This is one way of handing down contents that form part of a tradition to family members, friends, society colleagues, visitors or clients in digital form.